There’s Belgrade

Another town is here. New people. Different atmosphere. Here comes Belgrade. I enjoy the stop here, as well as doing some thinking and relaxing. I’ve done more than 50 days of travelling from Prague, 160 km against the stream, 120 km on foot. I have many hundreds of kilometres of Danube behind me.

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There is a small country between Hungary and Serbia and it’s Croatia. That was where I spent a night. Next morning, Danube became, now quite traditionally, a border between two countries. After nearly three kilometres a few first houses appeared and at that moment Read more


About a broken wheel

The material needed for my little kayak trailer came from my friend Hýňa, who owns a bike-shop in Slany and so he gave all kinds of things. The construction of the trailer itself was the work of another friend, Darek. I had loads of things to deal with before setting off on the journey. Read more