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Around Europe on a sea kayak. Everything from idea to implementation.

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The ‘Journey Back Home’ was a decision that was everything but easy. Well, after being on the road for three and a half years the idea grew in me that this was the right time to do it and I started thinking how to go about it. My ‘Journey Back Home’ is neither the shortest nor the easiest one – far from it. Still, even a journey home is a ‘Journey,’ and I decided to accept it as such. So, when I was in the south of Italy, I got hold of an old bike and constructed a trailer that could carry the kayak and which I could tow behind another bike all the way to the north of Germany, to Hamburg. There the kayak was to go back on the water, and I was to paddle upstream of the Elbe all the way to Prague.


4th of April 2015 to October 20th 2018

The journey from the south of Italy took me through Sicily, and I boarded a ferry that should take me and my kayak to Genova. Then my devoted friend decided to help me, and he drove me and the boat over the Alps to the Rhône. I cycled along the Rhône through France and a part of Germany. I tried to follow rivers and channels, but I needed to travel over some mountains as well. Once I reached the Elbe near Hamburg, the kayak went back on the water again, and I sent the bike with the trailer home. Then I set off on a journey upstream the river towards Prague.