Tips from Venice region

It has been a while since we left the Venice region. This article was written in Czech language long time ago and now we finally find the time to translate it. We would like to share with you places and experiences which we found in the northern part of Italy on Adriatic coast.

Local tips

Our entrance city into Italy was Trieste. This place has very melancholic atmosphere especially in November. It is windy and it rains a lot. On the streets, you are passing people with umbrellas who are rushing into one of the thousand coffee places. On every corner, you can strongly feel the spirit of Hapsburg monarchy. Famous writer James Joyce spent some years in this city, mainly drinking and gambling 🙂 It is believed that main square Piazza Unità is one of the biggest squares in Europe with one side open toward sea. Just one corner from Piazza Unità is well known Giuseppe Verdi opera house. We recommend you to visit this place and spent some time is different coffee places of this city.

We were surprised a lot that many of our friends know small town Caorle. What we have seen from the north it is definitely one of the most picturesque places. Near Caorle, about 10 minutes bike ride, is an old fisherman village Isola di Pescatori where you can find typical traditional houses. Once it used to be island where fisherman moved for several months in a year for fishing deeply into lagoon. Lot of houses are now abandoned. Few of them were turned into traditional restaurant. In the minimum is still inhabited by fisherman. We were lucky to meet one of them who invited us inside his cabin. These cabins are built from wood and whatever is found in surroundings for example reed. There are one or two doors placed in the right place to prevent cold wind called bora to come inside.

How to get there.

If we did not travel on kayaks we wouldn’t 100% reach this place. It is thin strip of land near Porto Levante (delta of Po river) between the sea and lagoon. We spent two days in this wild place. Well to be correct one night we were lucky to spent time at Refugio Il Chebo. Clean place with green lawn, tap beer, restaurant and beach with really huge shells. Nobody speaks English there so you need to use you legs and hands. But it is the right place to visit and relax. In season ferry boat is coming regularly from Porto Levante.

Where is it 🙂

For those who are active

Kite and windsurf spot in Barcola is friendly place full of cool people willing to share their experiences and know how. It is definitely one of the very few places in the north suitable for kiting and surfing. The wind conditions are steadily thanks to Bora wind. And if you need anything for your surf or kite the owner of this club also has shop near in the city. Check the Facebook page for more info.

Spot where you can kite and surf

Take bicycles with you. Firstly, you don’t have to borrow them expensively. Secondly, you will be more free and flexible. And thirdly this part of Italy is flat and has good marked bike paths. If this is not enough activity and adventure for you try 560 km long bike path from Munich to Venice.

For more info use following links:

When you say Venice you see channels, water, gondolas. And also, crowds. Be free do it differently and try something really cool, go for the kayak tour! I recommend not to paddle on your own but hire a professional guide. We had an excellent experience with Venice Kayak company. The offer variety of tours inside the city and also around Laguna. They put safety first so you don’t have to be scared and they provide everything you need. Kayak, equipment and dry sacks. You can take hot shower after the tour and I advise you to be ready to get a bit wet. You do not have to take your phone or cameras with you. The guide will take images of you and send them directly to you after. If you are interested in history and curiosities about Venice, pick Rene Seindal for a guide. He is one of the owners originally historian with big passion for Venice. The company is located in Certosa island, just few minutes ride from the centre. Use traffic boat to get there. Plus, the island is lovely place for pick-nick or just a walk. You might meet wild rabbits or goats. 


Food tips

Who would not love bubbles. Venice region, Treviso to be concrete, is home of sparkling vine, well known Prosecco. Go as the locals go and have one glass before lunch. You will get a bowl of chips or nuts and maybe a piece of pizza with it.

Summer and Aperol Spritz us famous combination. I doubt you know this drink originally comes from Venice! Here in Venice you can pick from many different kinds. I would suggest you to try local speciality. Mix Campari into the cocktail instead of Aperol.

Traditional recipe from Triest and neighborhood is spread made from salty haddock mixed with potatoes. It takes 3 days to prepare this kind of spread but it is definitely worth it. Ask locals for bakala.

Two more food tips for you, easy to make home. Try combination of olive pesto (I prefer black olives) and buffalo mozzarella on a toast. And salmon with balsamico, walnuts and toast.

Bon appetito.

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Thank you 🙂

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