The journey both starts and finishes in Prague – beginning by sailing to south and coming back from north.

It cuts through 22 different countries and its length is 20 000 km.

So what’s my approach to the journey? Is it an achievement-driven thing? Is it a challenge?

Personally, I don’t find the journey to be an achievement. I feel it’s a kind of life itself. I don’t think that the journey requires more energy than life anywhere else and in any other way. So, for me it means life on a journey, in the present moment. I don’t plan what the journey should bring to me, but I’m ready to accept anything it gives, shows and teaches me.


1. Setting off – Prague 4th April 2015

(START: Bajkazyl, Náplavce)

2. Crossing Šumava

(more then 100 km on foot with the kayaks)

3. Sailing down the Danube River

(2.200 km, it’s necessary to surpass more than 13 dams or other water levels)

4. Black Sea

(800 km long coastline of the Black Sea)

5. Greek Island’s

(the longest passages between island’s on the open sea during our journey, overall almost 170 km)

6. Gibraltar

(leaving the Mediterranean Sea)

7. Atlantic coast

(the shore is notorious for its up to 30 m tall waves – “Nayarè” Portugal)

8. La Manche channel

(crossing of the channel with the busiest naval traffic in the world)

9. Hamburg

(800 km upstream back to Prague)

The financial side of such a journey is, surely, an interesting topic for many. I’m myself rather curious what amount of money the journey will eventually require. It’s without any doubt that I’ll inform you about the financial matters as well. After all, that’s a precious experience too, literally.