I have the great luck to be encountering very interesting people on my journey. I’ve been meeting new friends and I’ve also been discovering how generous life can be. More and more often such coincidences happen that there is no other way than to accept everything as it comes with a warm open heart and with a smile. One of such coincidences has just happened to me recently.
I spent a month at the Greek island of Amorgos. I arrived to this island just at the right time. I was beginning to feel tired and, after five months in the kayak, I felt I needed a change. Maybe, it’s my desire to feel stable ground under my feet for a while. Maybe, it’s the strong energy which the island was full of and that I needed to pump in my veins. Maybe, it’s the week of the traditional Čchi-kung training that I underwent and was, therefore, able to improve my work with my vital energy. Maybe, it’s the time that I was supposed to spend preparing and practicing for getting my freediving instructor licence. Maybe, it’s the two weeks I was able to get close to a natural healer from whom I had the chance to learn. Maybe, it’s the chance to make and produce a short documentary. Maybe, I was destined to find there important contacts for my future journey or to wait there for some life-changing moment. It warms my heart that I can say that it’s all of those things together.
DSC03859 (1)Later, I’ll write about the energies, meditation, healing, and other similar topics. What I want to write now is about an unbelievable set of coincidences that happened to me in one day.

It’s been almost a year for which I’ve been preparing for my freediving instructor exam. Still, something always got into the way and I didn’t manage to pass it before I set off on my journey. My instructor is great and he promised me a get together somewhere along my journey so, I was quite content to get going. Then I met an amazing freediver who became my reliable freediving buddy above and under water. The weather was getting less and less nice every day and the water temperature was dropping accordingly. The trainings were getting more and more difficult.
Snímek-16-09-2015-05-27-58 (kopie)Suddenly, I got a message from my instructor that contained a date of a course. It’s only in three weeks’ time. The PS said ‘Dahab’ and ‘you’re welcomed.’ This one message has set things into motion in such a way that it still takes my breath away while I’m writing about it now. Thoughts were swirling in my head; Dahab, Africa, in three weeks. I was also thinking that my journey around Europe brought me to Asia, and it’d be phenomenal if it did to Africa too. It’d also be wise to shorten the upcoming European winter somewhere warm.

When I come back from my training in the afternoon my freediving buddy says: ‘I’ll get out of here in a few weeks and I’m going to continue with my training in Dahab.’ Immediately, I start paying more attention, and I tell her about the possibility to complete my licence in Dahab that I’ve just got offered. But that I was worried I couldn’t afford it mainly because of my journey. She smiled and she told me that from Greece to Dahab I can, actually, get for a few Euros. It’s just over the horizon and she points to the south. ‘I’ve got a lot of friends there and if you want I can take care of a place to stay for you.’ At that moment I started believing that flying over to Dahab could really be possible. And not only an hour later my physiotherapist texted me/ e-mailed to me and she offered me to meet me somewhere on my journey over winter to help me manage everything physically. She helped me to find the right exercise, to compensate my overworked back muscles from paddling and modified my technique. She wrote something like … ‘I’ve been thinking about Egypt for the last few days, so where and when will we meet?’ What a fascinating coincidence, I think to myself, and a few more messages later we agree on a possible meeting in Dahab.

Getting to Athens for the departure is not unrealistic. It’s getting windy and storms are starting, but there are many island along the way and it’s possible to take shelter there, and nearly from each one of them there is a ferry going to Athens. So, I wouldn’t have to get stuck anywhere cut off the civilisation or a safe choice. But I still have my 6-meter long kayak. In the kayak there is all the equipment and I have never left it alone for very long so far. And then, Athens is also a large city and that’s always a difficult place for finding a suitable and safe storage for a kayak. But everything was locking together. Just before the midnight I received and e-mail from the owner of a kayak club in Athens. I can leave my kayak there in his club and he would keep an eye on it for me for however long I would need.

Fascinating, how many people, who are not interconnected, are able to synchronise at the same time on the same place without any previous planning and in a way that’s the best for the current moment.
DSC04214Once again, I’m very much grateful for this breath-taking experience. The same as to everyone who’s helping to make all this possible.


  1. 03/11/2015 at 21:22

    Don’t stop man, it will be hard to get back 🙂 Carry on your journey, your licence can wait!!! I have met people who did long time trips and said they will never do it again..once you are into it its easier to continue..once you fall out it will be challenging to come back..

  2. 03/11/2015 at 23:34

    I know my friend … But without a license, I can not make money. And without money, I can not continue. And if I continue just to continue. Then I’ll be one of those who say never again.

  3. 14/10/2016 at 13:03

    You stopped you canooing?


    I invite you in my house on the border rightly to CZ.

    on 22. of October


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