Great, January 2016 is here!

So, finally, I can say that I started my journey last year. I can also say that I’ve stepped on three continents during the journey. Curiously, I can even say that during the few past months, when I haven’t done much of paddling, actually, numerous new things have entered my life nonetheless.

I’m not going to say now what was good and what bad. After all, things always have to sides to them. What’s more, it would be only my point of view through which I see the world around myself. Personally, I prefer to look on the positive side of things, when it’s my subjective life-view, why not make it a nice one? Read more


Amorgos… What now…?

I have the great luck to be encountering very interesting people on my journey. I’ve been meeting new friends and I’ve also been discovering how generous life can be. More and more often such coincidences happen that there is no other way than to accept everything as it comes with a warm open heart and with a smile. One of such coincidences has just happened to me recently.
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