About a broken wheel

The material needed for my little kayak trailer came from my friend Hýňa, who owns a bike-shop in Slany and so he gave all kinds of things. The construction of the trailer itself was the work of another friend, Darek. I had loads of things to deal with before setting off on the journey. I was really happy that all I needed to do was to send the dimensions of the kayak to Darek in a text message and he took care of everything.
web232The trailer met with the kayak for the first time during the beginning of the crossing from Hluboka n.V. to Linz. And everything fitted perfectly. The trailer even had a break. That got really handy when I was coming down to Danube from the mountains. Trying to stop a more than 100 kilo kayak was much easier in this way. I met with no obstacles on the way that the trailer would be unable to overcome. I wasn’t even afraid of field and forest trails. After 150 kilometres the trailer had an accident due to me not being careful enough. That happened on the last two meters of the way. It was right in Linz by Danube. When I was getting down a steep riverbank I lost balance and the whole kayak fell over.
web40That is not the end of the story though. At that time I met Nina. A girl living close to Vienna. The trailer would be super handy for her to transport her kayak. So, she asked me for it and after a small repair of one of the wheels she could start using it and has been ever since.
web41   web54I want to thank to everyone who participated on the idea and the construction of the trailer. And also to all of you who helped with transporting it, moving it, pulling and pushing it. It was a really useful thing for me and it will continue being one 🙂

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