I am going to take first things first,

Sailing out on voyage around Europe is scheduled for 4th April 2015 in the morning hours (to be confirmed) from Prague quayside near Bajkazyl (under Palackého bridge)

Boat launch, writing messages, inscriptions or other encouraging words I will take with me on the journey (to have something to read when I feel sad and lonely) will be some of the program points.

There will also be a competition for nice prices if conditions allow. What? Let yourselves be surprised.

Several friends, but also people I am only going to meet, want to accompany me at least during the first day. Some of them with paddles some of them on bikes or afoot. Everyone is welcome to do so and in case of interest I can help to provide a boat and necessary equipment. More courageous ones are planning to accompany me to the first lock chamber where everything will have to be carried manually. And the most determined ones, I suspect, will only turn back before the state border.

I decided to invite all who will feel like enjoying and prolonging the goodbye to have a sit at a fire during a barbeque party from Saturday to Sunday, at the confluence of Berounka and Vltava.

We can grill a sausage, everyone to their own taste. In case of unfavorable weather there will be a camper available, a shelter and a grill. There will be a little snack and drink for those who forget to bring their own food. All friendly souls are cordially welcome.

Well and when even the last companion gives me a wave from afar, my journey will be heading south all the way up to river Danube.

There will be no need to grieve if someone does not manage to give me the last goodbye at the boat launch towards the south. You will have the same opportunity to do so a couple of years later from the same spot in direction north 🙂

I am already looking forward to you all.

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  1. Nathalie (Cinque Terre Italy)-Reply
    17/04/2015 at 21:15

    Hi!! I had another class with Dave and we talked about your adventure! Stay safe and warm and well fed. Have fun! :0) Nat

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