Gone with wind

Are you dreaming about holidays by the sea? And how about holidays on the sea. Sea views from the shore are beautiful, but with the view from the opposite direction, from the sea on the land, is incomparable. I pass through 9 European countries and I know places that even locals have no idea about. That’s a great benefit for you. If you are planning your first trip, you can put the organization on my head. On the other hand if you are looking for new destination I can pick a beautiful location for you, a place you haven’t visited yet.

Sailing has its unique charm. You can sail silently where the wind takes you. You can visit the deserted islands, unique beaches reachable only from the water, or do a diving trip to deserted wrecks. It is possible to enjoy nightlife in cities or sleep under the stars. It is absolutely up to you. What I love about sailing boat is the fact, that everywhere you go you have always comfort and hinterland.

As a bonus, I can tell you stories I’ve gathered during my three-year journey in a sea kayak. There are so many stories that we could cross the ocean and you wouldn’t hear not one twice.

Let me know and together we can plan your journey with me. The right one for you, your family and friends.

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