One minute on water


How to repair a kayak


Great, January 2016 is here!

So, finally, I can say that I started my journey last year. I can also say that I’ve stepped on three continents during the journey. Curiously, I can even say that during the few past months, when I haven’t done much of paddling, actually, numerous new things have entered my life nonetheless.

I’m not going to say now what was good and what bad. After all, things always have to sides to them. What’s more, it would be only my point of view through which I see the world around myself. Personally, I prefer to look on the positive side of things, when it’s my subjective life-view, why not make it a nice one? Read more


A shocking title is the most important thing!

The most eastern part of my journey is now definitely behind me. My kayak has touched the shore of Asia on the way. I have experienced moments of loneliness in multi-million cities. I have experienced moments of happiness while sitting alone on cliffs high above the water. I have met many awesome friends, seen many beautiful places, and had some uncomfortable encounters too. And this all was connected by one thin line. Each moment on my journey Read more


And then I said to myself: ‘Enough!’

I could write for hours about what’s like to realize something new. That’s especially true when I’m now journey durin which new experiences, regulations or simple understanding come nearly every day. I don’t think it’s necessary to go that far in order to realize something, though. Still, this way is a rather convenient one. After all, one is much less surrounded by the system , which can, well, somehow burden the mind.  Read more


Amorgos… What now…?

I have the great luck to be encountering very interesting people on my journey. I’ve been meeting new friends and I’ve also been discovering how generous life can be. More and more often such coincidences happen that there is no other way than to accept everything as it comes with a warm open heart and with a smile. One of such coincidences has just happened to me recently.
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A preconception number 108 tested out. That’s how I’d call the moment when I sat down in the snow and started taking off my shoes.

It’s a beautiful winter afternoon. The fields are blanketed by snow and the sun keeps peeking through the clouds from time to time. It’s Friday, actually, and, although my working hours are not finished yet, I’ve already finished everything that was needed. I look around the snowy countryside. ‘So, now what?’ I ask myself. ‘Is it really only a preconception that you need shoes or is it true that nowadays it’s impossible to exist without them?’
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After four months I’m alone

WHERE loneliness begins? ‘You travel alone?’ I hear again. A question asked countless times. It keeps coming up regularly. It almost never waits for an answer, and, immediately, another statement usually follows. ‘That must be horrible to be always alone.’… Read more


4# Black Sea


What a ride from Belgrade…

…or, the power of a thought

The temperature’s been climbing higher and higher on the thermometer. The same goes for the water of Danube. I turn to Pavel and Leandro. What we need now is a cozy restaurant on the bank with a dock. Shadow under an umbrella and a chilled frappe in our hands. It takes exactly eight minutes before we spot the shape of an umbrella on the horizon…. Read more