a little more information

I am going to take first things first,

Sailing out on voyage around Europe is scheduled for 4th April 2015 in the morning hours (to be confirmed) from Prague quayside near Bajkazyl (under Palackého bridge)

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Rescue Course

I’m sitting at the computer and browsing adverts for secondhand kayaks. I want to buy a kayak for training. That’s because the manufacturer, with whom we had agreed on producing two boats for our journey, didn’t deliver what he had been promising for months he would. So we need to look for a different manufacturer… Read more


One breath is not enough

It’s Friday afternoon in August and I’m taking time off in work.

I have some 350 km ahead of me over the Alps and there’s no need to rush. I’m setting off to explore the surroundings of Lago Maggiore, a lake in the south-east part of Switzerland. Local deep valleys are famous for their astonishingly clear water, so I throw my freediving gear into the car as well. Before 2 PM I’m ready and I can start my journey. In my head I’m going over all the things I packed; food, sleeping bag, diving mask, snorkel, neoprene, fins. Oh crap! The fins!…

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