Great, January 2016 is here!

So, finally, I can say that I started my journey last year. I can also say that I’ve stepped on three continents during the journey. Curiously, I can even say that during the few past months, when I haven’t done much of paddling, actually, numerous new things have entered my life nonetheless.

I’m not going to say now what was good and what bad. After all, things always have to sides to them. What’s more, it would be only my point of view through which I see the world around myself. Personally, I prefer to look on the positive side of things, when it’s my subjective life-view, why not make it a nice one?

When I travelled over to Egypt, simply to make the winter shorter and to finish my instructor certificate, all was looking amazing. I was planning to, finally, introduce freediving to others. I was planning to stay warm a wanted to be able to dive while the harshest winter passed in Europe. I’d make some money to push my journey forward. I’d stay in Egypt for a month, two, or maybe three, if everything went well. Egypt is much cheaper than Europe, so I thought I’d be able to save some money too. Those were the possibilities that I saw ahead of me.


So, I truly got to Egypt and became an instructor. But I’ve gone into the water probably only ten times. Why? Simply because, during my training, I ruptured my ear drum because I had an inflammation in my ear of which I wasn’t even aware. It’s possible, that I’d already had it when I came to Egypt, but there is no telling now. So I’ve been having a break from freediving. The same as from any courses that could earn my some money for at least a few more months of my journey. The healing process of the ear itself allowed me to treat myself much more responsibly than before. It took a month and a half before the healing started and then the doctor told me that in about three more months everything should be fine again.

That means no diving until the beginning of summer. Well, suddenly there was the question whether to stay in Egypt, which is warm and cheaper, or to go back to cold Europe as soon as possible and wait on some beach for friendly weather. The decision wasn’t that hard to make. Due to the political situation that developed in Egypt and after the crash of a Russian airplane, most air traffic has stopped till, at least, February. So, all was clear once again. I was in Egypt and I’d get back at the beginning of February the earliest.

The bright side of the whole situation could be, for example, that I have a chance to gather strengths for more paddling. An even brighter side is that, at last, I have enough time for several projects that I’ve had on my mind. And now, perhaps, the brightest side of all, at least for me. Because I’m in Egypt and there’s nothing else to do than to wait for a safe way back to my kayak, I can work on writing a book about my journey. My intention is to finish it till April. So, I spend my time writing, writing, and writing.

I decided to divide the journey into several parts and work on those according to how I’ll feel about them. So, no I’m working on the first title. It will contain the preparations for the journey, the setting off, going up the stream of Vltava and the crossing of Šumava over to Danube on foot. Then, I’ll have to work on the more than two thousand kilometres I spent on Danube, a river that shows the true face of a major part of Europe. Then I’ll turn to my adventures on seas and the ocean…

DSC05740 (2)

My funds that I have for the journey are getting thinner, so, now I’m focusing on the three most important things for me. Going forward, keeping up writing my blog and finishing the first book. Everything else needs to be put on a side for a bit. Because, now, I have the possibility to write nearly every day and coffee is quite cheap here I’ve changed my daily routine completely. I usually get up around ten, and sometimes I even manage to sleep till eleven. Then, I often write till the sunset, I eat a meal and continue writing till the sunrise. This way, the pages of my book are adding up, but I thought up a plan for twenty chapters, so there’s still lots to do. I have to confess that I don’t write every single day and that’s simple because I prefer quality before quantity. And when I say quality I know that it’s a thing that everybody judges individually – I, simply, try to write how I know best, and that mean’s honestly and openly. Well, what I’m really trying to say is that I don’t feel like writing all the time.

As I’m looking at it right now I can see that this blog entry belongs to the more informative ones. But I guess it’s needed. I’m really happy that I can share the things I’ve been working on, and also how everything’s going and what my real situation is.

Thank you for your support… 🙂

I’m already looking forward to sitting down and writing the next blog. But now, quickly, I have to finish the coffee and get to bed, I’ve not slept for over thirty hours again 🙂

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