Tips from Venice region

It has been a while since we left the Venice region. This article was written in Czech language long time ago and now we finally find the time to translate it. We would like to share with you places and experiences which we found in the northern part of Italy on Adriatic coast.
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I am on a Journey

Again? Constantly?

It is no longer a secret that Nicol and I bumped into each other in Croatia. I could write a thick book about our meeting. After a couple of days after our first encounter she asked me “can I join you?”
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Repairing the kayak

I recall the moment when I got all emotional about the kayak slipping on a rock for the first time, when the first small and hardly noticeable scratch appeared on in.
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Balance when travelling by kayak.

It’s probably clear to everyone that to paddle on a kayak you need to master the skill of balance. I figured it out myself before I had the opportunity to try kayaking for the first time.

However, this way of travelling has also brought me a completely different view on the meaning of that word.

I’ve got to understand that I’ve been looking for balance not only during paddling. What’s more, the true finding of balance often starts in the moment I get off the kayak.

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Up, down, and up again

I have gone through hell and hit the bottom. Times have been gloomy and I have felt crappy.

That is how a story by a skilful writer could start like when he wants to quickly capture his readers, draw them into the plot and, ideally, arouse some feelings for the main hero. The author would then probably go on with the narrative with the emphasis on deepening the readers’ emotions.
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A bit different view

How should I do it to be happy? That’s the question I’ve been asking myself more and more often during past months.
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One minute on water


How to repair a kayak


Great, January 2016 is here!

So, finally, I can say that I started my journey last year. I can also say that I’ve stepped on three continents during the journey. Curiously, I can even say that during the few past months, when I haven’t done much of paddling, actually, numerous new things have entered my life nonetheless.

I’m not going to say now what was good and what bad. After all, things always have to sides to them. What’s more, it would be only my point of view through which I see the world around myself. Personally, I prefer to look on the positive side of things, when it’s my subjective life-view, why not make it a nice one? Read more


A shocking title is the most important thing!

The most eastern part of my journey is now definitely behind me. My kayak has touched the shore of Asia on the way. I have experienced moments of loneliness in multi-million cities. I have experienced moments of happiness while sitting alone on cliffs high above the water. I have met many awesome friends, seen many beautiful places, and had some uncomfortable encounters too. And this all was connected by one thin line. Each moment on my journey Read more